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Some things to keep you busy while I am busy

I think I might need to not post for awhile...like a few days or something. Work, life, family stuff all keeping me busy through the weekend. In the meantime, so you don't get too bored at work:

1. Something sad that you can also get angry about if you feel up to it.

2. Something to read and think about, related to the lack of a health or rape exception in South Dakota's new abortion law.

3. An amusing poem by nuqotw for National Poetry Day, although it was really World Poetry Day. (It was two days ago, but I had bigger fish to fry two days ago.)

4. There is this crazy thing going on in the mommy-blog world about weight, started by a post called "False Advertising" in which a woman stated that she felt it would be unfair to her husband if she gained significant weight after marriage, and that it was fair for a man to expect his wife to maintain her weight. I think that Cecily said it best, but never having been seriously partnered or married, I don't really know. Calling this "false advertising" bothers me, though. Unless you get married under the assumption that your body and your partner's body are never going to change, I don't see how it's false advertising. The whole debate makes me feel a bit ill, actually. Now you can feel ill, too!

5. This piece by Alice at Finslippy about the trials and tribulations of gym-going is the funniest, most real thing that I've read in awhile, and explains (for those of you who are wondering) why I read "mommy blogs" at all. It's because their authors, in my experience, are wonderful writers and thoughtful people. I don't remember how I started reading the first one, but all the good ones seem to be interconnected. (There are a lot of bad ones out there, too, and I don't read those.) I think that mothers-of-young-children who blog may be particularly invested in their blogs (in order to find time to do it amidst the chaos of child-rearing) and in creating community through blogging, both of which appeal to me. (At first I wrote "mothers of young children who blog may be particularly invested in their blogs" but I realized that could mean something different from what I had intended. I'm sure there's a way to reword this so that it's clear we're talking about women who have young children and that's the women, not the young children, who blog, and that the blogs that the women are invested in are their own and not those of their young children, but I don't have time to do that now. So dashes it shall be.)

6. Here is a good daddy blog, for those of you who were afraid that I might be gender biased in the parenting blog department. Never!

Anyway, none of this is as exciting as what I usually write, but it should keep you occupied for a bit.


Okay, I'll bite.

I responded to #1 over here. Summary: I get angry, but not for the reasons you might expect.

#2 has a really good point: I wonder what a Rabbi would have done with her case? "Health of the mother" is definitely in realm of halakhic reasons to get an abortion. South Dakota's law seems like an awfully blunt instrument to me, and I don't think that that's the best idea from a social policy perspective. To some extent, it's just Supreme-Court bait though - that law was passed so that there'd be a test case to try to overturn Roe.
Hi there. I`m one of the mommy bloggers you linked, about the "False Advertising" post, searching to see where my post ended up.

I`m a new blogger, and usually get 100 hits on a good day -- but so far this week I`ve had over 4,000, and it`s only Thursday.

I must say, much as I regret not including more contaxt about my husband in my post, this whole bizarre experience has led me to a treasure trove of new feminist blogs to read.
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