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"March Madness, Israeli style"--only one week left

Go here and tell BZ how you think the various parties will fare in the upcoming Israeli elections. I feel like I can't vote because I don't know enough about what's going on in Israeli politics. I know a little bit about Kadimah, Labor, and Likud, but that's about it. I feel sort of bad that I don't know more. And that guilt is keeping me from catching up in time for the election. It's like college reading--you get so far behind that you're too embarrassed/guilt-ridden to even try to catch up or make up for what you don't know. (At least, that was my experience of college reading.)

Note: BZ titled his post "March Madness, Israeli style" as if there were some other kind of March madness!

(Ha ha! Poking fun at my own general ignorance of this whole NCAA thing. Don't worry, I get it. A bunch of college basketball teams, many of them very talented, are playing games against each other in some organized fashion. I understand that they do this every March. I think that UConn is a good team. I don't even know how I know that, but that's really all I know.

My main association with NCAA brackets is when the boys in my high school class got busted for betting on games at school. They got busted because a 9th grader owed a senior a lot of money--or a lot of money for a 9th grader--and his mother found out. I guess that means he told his mother. Which means that his popularity ratings at school took a nosedive after that. The result of the bust? A stern lecture about how bnei and bnot Torah don't gamble, and the boys moved the NCAA bracket poster from the wall across from the boys' lockers to somewhere safer, like inside someone's locker. In case you were wondering, I don't think the bnot Torah were gambling in this particular case. Ah, high school. How little I miss thee!)


Thanks for the plug!

And you can still totally participate; a good first-order approximation is that the parties with seats in the current Knesset are most likely to win seats in the next Knesset.
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