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Strike (day) three! I've had enough!

No more observations from the field. The novelty has worn off. Completely. The party's over. I am ready for this transit strike to be done. Okay? Do you hear me? It's messing with my weeknight plans, my weekend plans, and my Chanukah plans, not to mention my workday. I have a very long workday and I really didn't enjoy walking home at 8 pm last night in the cold and dark. I thought about walking through the park but was told by three or four people that that would be stupid and very dangerous (Cop on 5th Ave.: "I wouldn't let my mother or my sister walk through the park alone, even with a transit strike."), so I walked around, lengthening my 2 mile walk to 2.5 miles.

You hear? Good. Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: I heard a train running this morning! The B or C! Running uptown! (You can't hear the downtown trains from the street.) Then I read this in the New York Times: "Supervisors have been running empty trains over the rails to keep the rails polished and prevent rust." Oh, well. I'm glad they're keeping the rails polished and rust-free.


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