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Several good reasons not to wear makeup

can be found here. It's a bit sensationalist/angry for my taste, but it makes good points, especially about that ridiculous business of plucking off eyebrows and drawing them back on.

Aside from all that, though, the main issues I have with makeup are the time it takes to put on (which could better be spent sleeping or reading or pretty much anything else), and the fact that it's sometimes really uncomfortable (like you feel like your face is caked with...something). And if you have anything near your eyes, and you rub them, you look ridiculous. And that if you get makeup that doesn't smear around your eyes then it takes a serious chemical wash to remove. But, hey, aside from that...!

P.S. I still find it fun to wear makeup sometimes. Why?

I don't think the people who are plucking are the same as the people who are drawing. People with thick eyebrows pluck, people with thin or no eyebrows draw them on.

Also, it's funny how these left wing extremists constantly talk about "toxins" and "toxic chemicals" without ever citing examples or evidence that these mystery "toxins" are actually unhealthy.

As for corporations and factories, I love them. They make all the products I like to buy.

I've gotta say, it's tough labeling myself as "liberal" when there are so many "feminist, anti-capitalist, nonconformists" out there.
I thought you didn't read my blog! I thought you didn't read!

I'll let you in on a little secret: Most of those women with thin or no eyebrows have thin or no eyebrows because they plucked them off or waxed them off or whatever. Here's something to think about: How many five year old girls do you see with thin or no eyebrows? Not too many, right? Because they don't remove them yet.
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