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Chayyei Sarah's Appreciation Wednesdays

Chayyei Sarah started something she calls "Appreciation Wednesdays." So far, she's appreciated Jeff Finger and Zev Stub (the moderators of the Janglo group on Yahoo), her ability to see, Richard Simmons, and families who invite single people to Shabbat meals. I think it's a terrific idea. So terrific that I wanted to blog about it. I would even copy her if that wasn't blatantly stealing someone else's idea.

On this Wednesday, however, she wants to know what we appreciate. So, go tell her! And tell me! And tell the person, people, or creatures you appreciate! If it's an inaminate object, you can tell it, too, but people might look at you like you're crazy.


I write a gratitude list every night with a minimum of five things that I'm thankful for. It helps me stay grounded, grateful and connected with God. Everytime I have trouble thinking of "new" things, I remember another woman's gratitude list that she wrote the night of her daughter's murder (husband, Family Medical Leave Act, etc.). If she could write one, anyone can.
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