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Blogging from Jerusalem

Ahhh...... Very nice, although I am having some of the usual Israel-related agitas. Maybe I can try to make this just a vacation, not a heart-wrenching inquiry into where I am in my life path and where I'm going. Wouldn't that be nice?

Brief summary of events of past few weeks: Accepted new job, feverishly cleaned room for subletter, feverishly packed, had bittersweet last day at old job, took overnight flight to Athens, saw Jewish Museum, Acropolis, and National Archaeological Museum, took 2 am flight to Israel, crashed with family, observed Yom Kippur. Now, Shabbat in Jerusalem. After that? Who knows!

If you want details about the change of job, feel free to e-mail me and if I know you, I may divulge.

I will likely write about Athens and Israel in more detail at some later point. Thus far, my Hebrew does not seem to have atrophied as terribly as it usually does between trips.

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Wow! Are you still there? No wonder I haven't seen you...

Good for you with the new job...let me know what (and where) you're up to...
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