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Another Rosh Hashanah drash

Hi. Still largely content-less here, but I thought that this post by Zackary Sholem Berger was terrific. And some other year, perhaps I'll even be motivated enough to take its message to heart, and shock myself into action with early-morning wake ups in Elul, and possibly parts of Tishrei as well.

I went to shacharit yesterday morning in honor of the Fast of Gedalia and, in some strange way, because I felt bad for being such a massively unfocused davener on Rosh Hashanah, to the point of missing communal shacharit and Torah reading and nodding off during musaf both mornings. Shacharit yesterday morning was lovely. I made it in time to say one regular piyut of selichot with the congregation, and managed to stay through Torah reading. I am bone-tired today, though, and may have to sleep through Shabbat to make up for it. It's always a trade-off, isn't it?

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