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What I Learned Today

So I attempted to cook a Shabbat meal tonight, for the first time in a long time. And what I learned is that (1) cooking is totally exhausting, especially after a full day of work and (2) tomato puree is a similar consistency to tomato sauce, but it's a lot more acidic. I can't figure out why. It seems like there's the same amount of tomato in it as tomato sauce--I mean, it's not thicker in any noticeable way. So why did it make the lasagna so sour? (And will any one of my eight guests notice? Should I apologize ahead of time? Not mention it? Will they think that the cheese was bad or something? It wasn't. It was brand new.)

Did you know that lasagna can also be spelled lasagne? For years I thought it was spelled lasagne and then whenever I checked, it seemed that lasagna was the correct spelling. So the third thing I learned tonight is that it can, indeed, be spelled lasagna or lasagne.

One other thing I learned tonight: If you put too much in the dish drainer, and the window is open, your good milchig pot will fly right out that window and down to the ground. And because of the side of the building you are on, it won't go all the way down to the basement level, where you could exit near the laundry room and retrieve it. No. It will go down to the upper level of the inner courtyard, and when you ask the doorman if he can help you retrieve it, and have difficulty communicating with him (how do you say "my pot fell out the window" in Spanish? all he understood was window and he came up to the apartment and shut the window in the steaming hot kitchen and the window fell of its track and he couldn't put it back), and not be able to get the pot back at all. It was a nice pot. May it rest in peace.

In the ridiculous lingo that I am sometimes, unfortunately, exposed to, "There were four learnings tonight." Three pretty negative ones and one neutral one (that would be the proper spelling of lasagne/lasagna).


a bit of extra basil will help tomato puree be less bitter.

Sorry about the pot & doorman :(
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