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Source of Lulavim

Does anyone else see the irony in this article? The ironic thing (I think, although I may misunderstand irony like most English-speakers do) is that Egypt is the main source of lulavim.

Sukkot [Tabernacles?] is mostly an agricultural, Land of Israel-based holiday, I think, unlike Pesach, for which I think the historic event of the Exodus is the main focus. But there are those historical, "camping in the dessert on the way out of Egypt" and "cloud of God over our heads in the dessert on the way out of Egypt" things for Sukkot, too. The Egypt connection is what I think is ironic about lulavim coming from Egypt now. At least a little. Plus the Israel-based agricultural stuff, too, I guess, but that, less so.

I feel like I'm slowly losing my grasp of the English language. Chaval.

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