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Post-Shabbat update

So, the defenestrated pot was recovered. (I feel like defenestrate is a more active verb that would apply to the pot incident, but it's a word that I get to use so rarely that I couldn't resist. Even if the use was imperfect.) I asked the super about it on Friday morning (he speaks English), and he said that the only way to get it back was to have the construction crew go after it. Which they did! It was waiting by the door to my apartment when I got home from work on Friday afternoon. It was slightly dented and oval instead of circular, so the lid no longer fits, but it's okay for boiling things, for the time being. Or for making stir fry or something. I guess I'll have to replace it eventually. How irritating!

And the meal, in the end, was fine. The lasagne wasn't as sour as I had feared. I'm not sure why, but it came out okay. Not my finest effort yet, but passable. The company, however, was excellent!


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