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Notes from a lovely day

I managed to get away from the conference for a bit this afternoon, and took the bus to downtown Seattle. It had been foggy in the morning, but it burned off and turned into a gorgeous day. Around 75 degrees, sunny, and dry!

I went to Frontier Square when I was downtown, and then walked back to Pike Place Market along the waterfront. It wasn't as interesting down there as I had hoped--mostly a lot of fresh oystery meals for sale, or so it seemed--but it was nice to be near the water. It smelled good, at least! I bought a watermelon flavored Laffy Taffy that reminded me of seventh grade and didn't taste as good as I remember them tasting.

Pike Place Market was full of the usual tchotckes. The highlight was a fantastic street performer. He was playing a harmonica and guitar while hula-hooping! He was great. He also had these wooden clickety clackety things strapped to his sneakers for added pizzazz. I was quite happy watching him hula hoop and play, but then he got all show-offy and started playing the guitar behind his head, and balancing it on his chin, and I think he was either juggling two guitars or playing two at once. And that was just too much, so I moved on. I also saw what I believe is the original Starbucks. Very nice, but I did not partake.

The flight to Palo Alto tonight was uneventful. There were some really cute kids on the plane, including one girl who started laughing with glee as we took off. She also said, "Mama, the lights are so beautiful!" as we neared San Jose, and then after the wheels touched down, during that rumbly time, she shouted, "Faster, faster!" It was all quite endearing and not annoying in the least. There weren't too many crying kids on the flight. Whenever I fly and see families flying with little kids, or multiple kids, I am awed anew at my mother who used to annually fly cross-country, sometimes in both directions, alone, with four kids in tow. I don't know how she did it and came out sane on the other end. I hope we were well-behaved...


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