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Impressions of Seattle by Sarah

Hello! Unlike Adina, I have never been to Seattle before. In fact, I have never been to the West Coast at all. The plane ride was long, but on the bright side, they showed an episode of Frasier (one of my favorite TV shows, and geographically appropriate to boot! Did you guys ever see the episode where Frasier and Niles pretend to be Jewish? Comedy gold!). I have to say that the cool, non-humid weather we've been experiencing makes me want to accidentally-on-purpose miss my flight back to New York on Thursday.

I'm trying to convince Adina that we should go to this famous market tomorrow morning, which may be called Pike's Market/Pike Market/Pike Street Market/Pike Place Market. People have been remarkably inconsistent on this point. Adina originally felt enthusiastic about this plan, but she's decided that she may go on a nature walk instead. My personal opinion is that there's nature everywhere, but there's only one Pikesomething Market!

Adina 's buddy Jason from shul (whom I am claiming as my friend, too) suggested that I go and visit the first-ever Starbucks while I'm in Seattle. I don't think it's going to happen. I have this love/hate relationship with coffee, wherein I always think I should cut back, but I never do because it's so delicious. I'm not sure a group of total strangers is so interested in my caffeine intake, so I'll cut this thought short.

Speaking of nature, the campus here is very green! Lots of foliage and trees and undeveloped space. As Adina pointed out to me yesterday, Washingtonians seem very fond of recycling. All the garbage cans here have separate compartments to put cans and bottles in. I am all for this.

Okay, the natives are getting restless, so this will conclude my first ever guest-blog post. Props to Adina for letting me write here after I requested a shout-out in her previous post. Come say hi to me in the comments!



Mad props to Sarah on her guest blog spot! Can't go wrong talking about Frasier and missing flights to NY. It's amazing what a little time out of the city can do for the spirit. Anyhow, this is Adina and Sarah's friend Jason and I just wanted to leave some comments so Sarah would have something fun to read :) But she HAS to go to the first Starbucks!!! It's SEATTLE!!! Not to buy anything but just to say you've been. Glad you two are having a good time...Enjoy!
Hi Sarah!

check out the Starbucks, the same way you'd check out the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota - just as a roadside attraction :)

Personally, I'm of the "never too much" school of thought with regard to caffeine: at the gig last night I was wearing my caffeine molecule tshirt, so I'm right there with you. Personally, though, I think Starbucks tends to be too bitter - I've had a lot of relatively burnt coffee from them.

Well, enjoy Seattle!
Hi Jason and David,

There is a chance Adina and I might hit up the Ur-Starbucks tonight if we explore downtown Seattle. We will keep you updated on the status of our expedition.

David, I tend to agree with you on the taste of Starbucks coffee. Also, what's up with charging $4+ for a non-alcoholic beverage? My inner midwesterner cringes!

I'm paranoid about becoming hopelessly addicted to caffeine, but it would be such a pleasant addiction...
to paraphrase Tevvye the dairyman -

"addiction, addiction!"

or to quote the Prez, "Bring it on!"

never too much caffeine... ;)
All these comments for my guest-blogger and none for me? Come on, people!
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