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Two Boxes of Blessing

The parent non-profit of the non-profit where I work conducted an inventory of the supply closet recently. On shelf #1, in unit #2, were found (and I quote), "Two boxes of blessing."

Can I have some? Please? One box? Half a box? (My life has blessings a' plenty, but we could all use a little more, I think.)

For the confused, I think that these boxes of blessing must have contained what are known, in some circles, as "bentchers" or "birkonim." Or maybe they were just boxes of blessing. What a great image!


It's like the briefcase in Pulp Fiction!
Can you explain that, for the culturally illiterate such as myself?
In several key scenes of Pulp Fiction, there is a briefcase that contains something very important, but they never say what is in it. We see characters opening the briefcase and looking inside, and they look in awe and say things like "Is it what I think it is?" or "It's beautiful". The contents of the briefcase are glowing (they light up the faces of whoever is looking inside). One hypothesis is that it contains Marcellus Wallace's soul, but this is unconfirmed: see Snopes or The Straight Dope for discussion.
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