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Christmas Movies on Netflix

One of the ways that I'm handling the stressful hellscape that is Omicron in NYC in late December 2021 is by watching terrible Christmas movies on Netflix.

(It's really brutal out there. People are lined up for hours all over NYC to get Covid tests at public testing vans/tents. It feels like everyone has Covid now. Really, everyone. All the drugstores have big signs up saying, "We are all sold out of rapid tests." If you line up for hours to get a PCR or rapid test at a public testing site, you might not get the results for days. The curve is also basically a straight line going up. And, like the hellish days of March-May 2020, I am hearing ambulances all around, day and night, once again. Maybe not as many as back then, but it's more similar than I'd like.)

I don't usually watch terrible Christmas movies on Netflix, but I really needed them this year. I think I specifically went for Christmas movies because Christmas is not a stressful topic for me at all and watching these movies takes me out of my usual everything, in a good way. Also, these movies are so anodyne that you can watch 20-30 minutes of it and fall asleep after that without caring or wondering what happens next! Perfect for these troubling times.

So far, I have seen:

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