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"What It Is To Be A Jew," by Mrs. Minnie D. Louis (1895)

This is what's awesome about being a graduate student. Finding (horrifying) stuff like this!

Source: Louis, Minnie D., “What It Is To Be a Jew,” Souvenir Book of the Fair in Aid of the Educational Alliance and Hebrew Technical Institute. (New York: De Leeuw & Oppenheimer, 1895). Electronic reproduction. (New York, NY: Columbia University Libraries, 2006), p. 142.

Read more about Minnie D. Louis here, in the Jewish Women's Archive encyclopedia entry.

Also, here is a line drawing of her from a New York Times article:
Source: “Louis Down-Town School: Splendid Results of a Work That Was Begun by a Woman. Hard Fight, then Great Victory. Results of Work Among Hebrews in the Lower Districts—Making Americans of Foreigners’ Children.” New York Times. June 16, 1895. (online abstract of article)

Do you know what's not awesome about being in graduate school? No time to blog!

Also, I may have lost the ability to write coherently. Or maybe that's just exhaustion speaking.

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