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15 minutes of fame!

Make that fifteen seconds.

Check out figure 11 on page 50 of this recent AviChai report [PDF], "The Reality of the Virtual: Looking for Jewish Leadership Online."

In other news, much has happened in my life to make me very, very busy. Happily, dating, but also, a truckload of exciting freelance projects that are making full utilization of my writing, editing, organization, and project management skills. I've mostly dispensed with serious learning for the time-being, despite a desire to continue learning. After all, "אין קמח, אין תורה." ("Where there is no flour [sustenance], there is no Torah." Ethics of the Fathers, 3:17) Truer words were never said!

However, to ensure that the reverse doesn't come to pass ("אם אין תורה, אין קמח." "Where there is no Torah, there is no flour [sustenance]." Ethics of the Fathers, 3:17), I am teaching a weekly Talmud class. My work is also very steeped in Torah.

I would like to blog at some point about teaching Talmud, which I just started doing last week with a healthy dose of trepidation. My goal, in teaching a beginning Talmud class, has been to not make the mistakes that teachers of mine have made. That is my guiding philosophy. I hope to reiterate that and expand upon it at some future point, and to make it a positive statement, rather than a negative statement.

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Yashir Koach on the 15-minutes of fame!

Religion and State in Israel
Hey - can you come over here and teach me some Talmud?
Toby--I would love to! Love, love, love to! But you may be too advanced for my beginner level skills.
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