Meyer Hack at Yad Vashem, Monday, May 15, at 11 am

Meyer Hack, a 92-year-old long-time Boston resident, will be donating Holocaust artifacts to Yad Vashem this coming Monday morning, June 15, at 11 am.

I understand that he is not well, and is coming with a nurse and caregiver, and that it would be a tremendous mitzvah and give him chizuk [strength] to have many faces, familiar or not, in attendance.

If you regularly attended Congregation Kadimah Toras-Moshe any time in the last few decades, you probably have fond memories of him and his wife Sylvia. He was the candy man and always eager to speak with anyone, especially, I think, the "young people" (i.e., anyone under 80!).

Please pass this along to anyone in Jerusalem (or elsewhere in Israel) who may have known Meyer and Sylvia or be interested in attending even without knowing him.

As an added bonus, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Halbfinger and other past and current members of the congregation will be in attendance.



daniel hack said...

I happened to come across this page by pure happenstance; today, 12/30/16, the end of another year; I, Daniel, Meyer's oldest son, pause to reflect back at that time my father went to Israel to donate these items to yad vashem; this deed would be the final part of his legacy to ensure " that we must never forget"; and with his indomitable spirit, he accomplished his mission.a few months later, my father passed away.R.I.P. DAD!

Abacaxi Mamao said...

Daniel, Thank you for your comment. I'm sorry that it took me so long to see it and approve it. Your dad was a very special man. I was honored to be at the event where he donated his items to Yad Vashem, and so sorry to hear of his passing a few months later.