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Beds, Dryers, The Sandak, and Eggplant

I'm sorry that I haven't written more. I've been very busy with other (paid) writing, so this blog has somewhat fallen by the wayside.

I am still also less-than-thrilled with how this year is going, so I don't have much exciting or interesting news to report. For example, last night I dreamt about dryers (dryers! why didn't I appreciate them in the US?) and beds. In the dream, we had a new washer and dryer in my apartment, and I discovered a real twin-size bed sitting out on the mirpeset [porch] that had somehow escaped my attention. The bed was more exciting than the dryer--I've really gotten used to hanging clothes up to dry and the slightly stiff, scratchy feel they have when I take them down to fold and put away, and can even feel a bit self-righteous about all of the energy I'm saving, but I'm sleeping on a narrow, thin, Israeli foam mattress (what is sometimes called a מיטת סוכנות ["Sochnut bed"] because it's what new immigrants used to be given by the Jewish Agency upon making aliya). It's not very comfortable. It's also very close to the floor. This dream shows you about how interesting my life is at the moment.

On a more upbeat note, although I have been feeling rather blase (sp?) about Israel, I was delighted to see Purim costumes for sale in February instead of October! Sometimes, those little things just get to me, in a good way. (What should I dress up as?)

I was amused to note that the Hebrew translation for The Godfather (as in, the movie), is "HaSandak."

I discovered something called "Jerusalem eggplant" (חצילים ירושלמים) at a Shabbat meal, which turns out to be a surprisingly good combination of roasted eggplant and hard-boiled eggs, and much less mayonaisy than many of the eggplant concoctions sold here.

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