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How do you read that particular string of letters?

I saw a vanity license plate with that written on it yesterday. Actually, I don't know that it was a vanity plate, but I assume that it was, since I think normal California plates have three letters and three numbers in some combination. It was on a small sedan in a city in Northern California. I might expect to see it on a minivan or a Chevy or Oldsmobile wood-paneled station wagon circa 1979-19851, but on a small sedan? Does it mean something other than what I immediately read it as--פרו ורבו? Perhaps in Hindi or some other language with which I am unfamiliar?

1. Did anyone besides me learn to drive on a Caprice Classic or a Custom Cruiser? I don't remember how to drive anymore--that was more than ten years ago--but I would hope if I learned again on a normal-sized car with rear visibility that it would be a bit easier. Or remember sitting in the back of one of those, waving at the drivers behind us? Or arguing that one gets car sick so one shouldn't have to sit in the way back?

P.S. Sorry for the long gap in posting. I am sure that my loyal readers must miss me terribly. I've been busy with Shavuot and Shabbat and spending time with family. Things should return to normal...sometime in the future.


I read it the same way you did. And welcome back!
Yeah, it makes the most sense as Pru Urvu, even for a small sedan.

It could also be - "Pru" - Prove "Ur" - Your "Vu" - View.

If it is the first one, that just proves - Size doesn't matter! ;-)
You're right, it had to be a vanity plate. But regular California license plates have one number, followed by three letters, followed by three numbers. That series started in 1978. Before that, starting in 1967, they had three numbers followed by three letters, and before that, starting around 1953, they had three letters followed by three numbers. Since California license plates always stay with the car, when the car is sold, you can immediately tell how old a car is by looking at its license plate. At least you can tell within a year or so, if you have a good memory, and have paid attention to things like that for a long time, and can interpolate. You can still occasionally see license plates from the 1953-1967 series, even ones from the first half of the alphabet, which means they are from the 1950s.
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