Wayne's World...fifteen years too late to do me any good

I'm watching Wayne's World right now, about fifteen years after it might have helped me socially. It originally came out in 1992, when I was twelve years old. It was rated PG-13. My mother told me I couldn't see PG-13 movies until I was thirteen, and I never questioned that rule. It made sense to me. (The first PG-13 movie that I saw, shortly after my thirteenth birthday, was Fried Green Tomatoes, which I loved.) Also, I probably had little interest in seeing Wayne's World. I vaguely remember the Wayne's World skits from Saturday Night Live, and while I found them somewhat funny, I don't think I would have been interested in two hours of that, which is what I thought the movie was. (Was I watching Saturday Night Live when I was 12? Probably, although I don't remember for sure. I remember being unable to stay up until 1 am because I was too tired, so my sister and I would tape it starting at around midnight and watch the last hour of it on Sunday morning.)

Anyway, I'm currently only 34 minutes in, but there are now all of these parts of my adolescence that I understand! Pretty much anything that anyone used to say in seventh and eighth grade was said first in Wayne's World! How did I get this far in life without knowing this important fact about my past?

Aside from the things that clearly originated in the movie, the movie is also full of phrases that we used to use then, which I'd forgotten but are kind of funny. One example is describing someone as "mental." I don't think people say that anymore, although I can't be sure since my time with modern day adolescents is limited.

Thanks for lending it to me, BZ! (Why am I home watching a movie on a Saturday night? Because it's 29 degrees outside, but it "feels like 19," according to weather.com and after I took a brisk walk this afternoon, I pretty much decided that I wasn't leaving the house again. Ever. Until the spring thaw. This El Nino-induced warm December and January have really softened me up.)

It makes me wonder: What other parts of my adolescence did I miss? Is there anything I should catch up on now that I have, well, the ability to watch whatever I want?

P.S. I met Steg in shul today! I walked up to him and I was like, "Uh, hi! I know you from your blog. You might know me as AbacaxiMamao?" That kind of introduction always feels a bit awkward/dorky/stammer-inducing to me. I did the same thing with Esther Kustanowitz probably at least a year ago.


David said...

And Wayne's World does make Bohemian Rhapsody a whole new experience.

sidenote: my friends and I actually used to drive around in Utah with a Queen cassette in the tape deck and sing along. YEARS before Wayne's World... I'm an innovator, I am...

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

«waves» :-)