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Chai (18) Years of Journaling

I just realized that according to one calculation, tonight marks the 18th anniversary of my receiving my first locking diary, at the age of 9. My aunt gave it to me on Thanksgiving. It was and is one of the best presents I've ever received.

In honor of this special anniversary, I've decided to share some of my youthful words (from my first year of keeping a journal) with the public for the very first time. All misspellings and mispunctuations are original.
Thursday, November 24, 1988 [first entry]
Today is Thanksgiving. This is a present from Aunt J. I got a cloth doll from [Relative Who Shall Remain Anonymous]. I like this better. Im stuffed from thanksgiving supper. I ate 2 cookies and a pear and 1 slice of chocolate cake for dessert. It is 8:00 pm. and we just looked through [the] telescope. We saw the moon, mars, and Jupiter. I saw some craters on the moon but I didnt see the red spot on Jupiter. My toes are freezing. Mommy is kniting a skirt.
And thus began my illustrious literary career!
Tuesday, November 29, 1988
Today I have gym. I truly hate gym espeshally when we play basketball. But today I have super news. I hit the backboard twice and I actually got the ball through the basket 1 time. I have never done that before. The bad part is that I couldnt do that while we were playing. I hate it when girls say bad things about girls from Russia. I try to tell them that shes not bad but then they say that I dont always need to protect her. I dont have any hebrew homework.
I love this entry for what it says about who I was and who I was not in fourth grade. Fourth grade girls can be so mean. I'm glad that I stood up for the underdog. I'm a little sad for my 9-year-old self who was elated to have hit the backboard twice during gym class.
Wednesday, December 14, 1988
Today we only had a half day of school. Today I got 4 baskets. I bet Its a world record. Today is super. I went to [Anonymous Friend]'s house. We had fun. We played Oporation. We also played Connect 4!
Delightful use of sarcasm at an early age.
Thursday, December 15, 1988
Today we dont have any school. It seems like Sunday. Mommy let us put our own Cinnimon-Sugar in our Cream of Wheat. I put in a very lot. Luckily Mommy didnt notice.
It's funny how some things don't really change. (I mean about liking to put a lot of sugar into things.)
Thursday, June 22, 1989 [written on the last day of 4th grade]
10 terrible things about 4th Grade
1. Homework
2. School work
3. teachers
4. Being 9
5. Being in the 4th grade math book
6. Getting out at 3:45 (3rd grade also)
7. Everything
8. [name of one teacher]
9. [name of other teacher]
10. Boys
Well, that about sums it up, don't you think? I am amused by the inclusion of "boys" as one of the ten worst things about fourth grade. I remember them throwing paper airplanes at me when the teacher left the room, and how utterly irritating that was. A lot of those paper-airplane-throwing boys are married now, and some are even fathers to little boys and girls themselves. Crazy stuff, man...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


This is really nice! But you should know that, at least by the standards of my side of the family, you were considerably better than average at basketball when you were 9. I didn't get my first basket (or even hit the backboard, I think) until I was 12.
So cute! May you have many more years of journaling, electronic or otherwise.
I think my 10 worst things about 4th grade would have looked remarkably similar to yours.
This is precious, as your maternal Great Grandma Sarah would have said! I think the boys shot airplanes at you because you were so very cute. Either that, or they enjoyed your reaction to it. I'm so glad you shared this with us!
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