Women and men on the Internet

This article from Red Herring is interesting. Findings from the study on which the article is based include:
  • “If there is an overall pattern of differences here, it is that men value the Internet for the breadth of experiences it offers, and women value it for the human connections,” said Deborah Fallows, senior research fellow at the Pew Internet Project, who authored the new report, How Women and Men Use the Internet.

  • Women age 18 to 29 post some of the highest online percentages at 86 percent. Their male counterparts lag behind at 80 percent.

  • Men are more likely to check the weather, read the news, get do-it-yourself information, check for sports information, get political and financial information, do job-related research, download software, listen to music, download music files, use a webcam, take a class, and rate a product, person, or service through an online reputation system.

  • Women are more likely to use email, get maps and directions, look for health and medical information, use web sites to get support for health or personal problems, and find religious information.
Here is the 54-page report (PDF) on which the article is based. The report was released yesterday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

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