On Being Young

Time: Yesterday.

Place: In the woods.

Him: So, when did you graduate college?

Me: January 2003.

Him: Oh, you're young!

Me [thinking, this guy doesn't look so old]: Why, how old are you?

Him: I'm 27.

Me: Well, I'm 26.

Him: Oh.

Me: When did you graduate college?

Him: 1998.

Life is neither a contest nor a race, but if it were, he would win.

P.S. He's a year older and graduated four and a half years before me. Being me, I had to figure out exactly how that was possible. It turns out that his birthday is in February and he was very young for his grade, so he graduated high school two years before me, went to Israel for a year, and then did college in two years.


rabbi neil fleischmann said...

when i was a kid i made one comment that my parents thought was very smart. for some reason they asked me if a certain relative was old. i said it depended who you put him next to.

ALG said...

Nice. They would have thought you were really smart if you said it depended on next to whom you put him. (Or maybe they would have thought that was crazy. I don't know. I recently heard a 4 year old use the word "whom" and I couldn't decide if that was wonderful to just a tad too precocious.)

ALG said...

By "to just a tad too precocious" I meant, of course, "or just a tad too precocious."