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amateur etymology

On a bus the other day, I overheard the following statement from a young man who was talking to his girlfriend about her Thanksgiving plans. The context was a longer conversation about her family that has, in the past, celebrated Thanksgiving without her on Thursday, rather than wait until the folllowing weekend when people are more available. (Not sure the context is necessary, but there you have it. I side with her family, by the way--no moving holidays to make it convenient. Probably comes from years of observing all those Jewish holidays that fall at the most inconvenient times.)

"That's crazy. That's not what Thanksgiving is about. Just think about what it means. Thanks. Giving. Thanks for what we've been given."

Funny. I always thought Thanksgiving was about "giving thanks," not about thanks for what we've been given. What's the difference? Well, "giving thanks" implies giving thanks regardless of what we've been given, while "thanks for what we've been given" is very tied to what we actually have.


Subtle, profound, and absolutely true.
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