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first dispatch from the Southern Hemisphere

Dear Family and Friends,

I have safely arrived in Brazil. It was a little crazy finishing up my annotated bibliography, packing, going to class in Queens (on St. Patrick`s day in NYC no less!), and making it to the airport, but it worked out fine. The flight was nice--I think I even slept for about 6 hours. I wanted to watch the movies on the little TV but was too tired. I sat next to some nice Russian ladies, who, when I asked where they were from (after hearing a foreign language and an accent but somehow not connecting it to Russian, which is weird), said, "We`re from here, from New York."

Anyway, I got here and cousin Chaim picked me up. They are going out of their way to make Shabbat and the kosher food situation nice for me. I have to sign off now because I have to go to the kosher food store before it closes (before Shabbat). But first, I have to change into SANDALS! Because it is humid and in the mid-70s here and it feels great! First impression of Brazil is that it is a lush, green place.

Love and Shabbat shalom,

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