Deliriously exhausted + generally gullible = believed Google's April 1 joke

Before I realized the date, I thought, 'This is a stupid waste of time/energy/resources, but boy! Do I know a lot of people who would happily utilize this service!" It looked as official as anything from Google ever does. Then the part of my brain that is actually still functioning kicked in and I realized that it is April 1, a.k.a. April Fool's Day.

As a joke, it reminds me a bit of a piece that I read years ago about a fantastic "new" technology that could get wet and still retain all of its data, that was highly portable, required no electricity, would never become unreadable due to reader obsolescence (unlike various forms of tapes and disks), from which data could be erased and rewritten with a simple auxiliary instrument made out of lead with a bit of pink rubber at one end...paper!

Oh, and if you click on "Learn more about Gmail Paper" up top, you get to a page with this information:

Sleep tight, my fellow pre-Pesach cleaners...

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